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"It is not that most people are inherently unethical. Instead, the problem is that many people are unconscious of the fact that nearly everything that they do has an ethical dimension"


Steve was interviewed by the Pakistani think tank, The FEEEL (Framework for Emotions, Ethics, Empowerment & Life Skills), for his perspective on “Why Good People Sometimes Do Bad Things.”

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"Steve was interviewed by Canadian TV (CTV) about his opinion regarding Bob Woodward's comments on Trump's disclosure back in February that the virus would by 5 times greater than the flu

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Beyond Happiness and Meaning: Transforming Your Life Through Ethical Behavior

Have you ever questioned whether the important relationships in your life bring happiness? Do you feel self-fulfilled or are you searching for greater meaning in life? The road to improving the quality of your relationships goes through ethical behavior. Beyond Happiness and Meaning: Transforming Your Life Through Ethical Behavior explains how to engage in activities that enhance well-being by following an ethical path in life. The book addresses ethics in personal relationships, workplace interactions, and on social media. You will learn how to qualitatively improve your life by following the guidance provided in this book

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Challenges for Online Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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Workplace ethics

"My inspiration is a deeply held conviction that individual decision-makers and our leaders – both in business and government – have lost their moral compass. Right and wrong seems relative to the individual rather than based on well-established ethical norms. Moreover, incivility has become "normalized" in our society. We can improve our lives and enhance our well-being in personal relationships, in the workplace, and on social media by learning how to speak to each other in a productive manner -- by learning how to disagree without being disagreeable."

--Steven Mintz

Who is Steven Mintz?


Known as “The Ethics Sage” to many with a reputation as an expert in ethics, Dr. Steven Mintz is a Professor Emeritus from Cal Poly State University in San Luis Obispo. He received the Accounting Exemplar Award from the Public Interest Section of the American Accounting Association in 2015. His blog, Ethics Sage, was recognized as number 49 out of 100 top philosophy blogs and one of the top 30 blogs on Corporate Social Responsibility. Steve shares insights into business ethics through his Workplace Ethics Advice blog and special take on ethics in colleges and universities in a new blog, Higher Ed Ethics Watch. Steve’s credentials include:

  • Dozens of research papers published on ethics.

  • Author of a textbook used in many colleges and universities, Ethical Obligations and Decision Making in Accounting.

  • Developer of courses for continuing education in ethics and business and accounting ethics.

  • Speaker on ethics and professional responsibility.

  • Litigation consultant and expert witness on ethics matters.


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Rick Kravitz

EDITOR IN CHIEF-CPA JOURNAL-Managing Director Content and Publishing NYSSCPA

October 31, 2018, Steven worked

with Rick in the same group

Steven Mintz is the Father of contemporary accounting ethics in America - he is the conscience of the profession and the leading ethicist of our time - he is unrivaled - Steve is the best selling author of critically important academic texts on professional ethics and is unwavering in his belief that accounting professionals above all must serve the public and protect the public interest.


Mary C. Gentile, PhD, author of Giving Voice To Values: How To Speak Your Mind When You Know What’s Right, University of Virginia Darden School of Business

Steven Mintz’s Beyond Happiness and Meaning reads as an engaging and deeply informed conversation with someone who has spent a lifetime thinking and teaching about how values and happiness intertwine in our lives. Drawing upon both the traditions of ethical reasoning and insights from recent social psychology, Mintz’s book is chock-full of contemporary examples of ethical challenges in business, in the social media realm, in the sphere of public security and perhaps most immediately relevant, in his readers’ everyday dealings with family, friends, partners, passersby, and community. His discussions offer useful lenses for thinking through these questions, not from a position of preaching, but rather - refreshingly - by linking these choices to our universal quest for happiness and purpose in our lives.


Anthony Menendez, CPA, CFE

Litigation Consultant | Speaker

Writer at Financial Fraud Examiner LLC

October 26, 2018, Steven worked with

Anthony in the same group

Steve is the pre-eminent expert in business and accounting ethics. He “literally” wrote the book on accounting ethics! I have had the pleasure of speaking alongside Steve on several occasions; discussing opportunities for the profession to address its big challenges. Top of that list, are how professionals can effectively deal with the challenges of making difficult decisions in difficult situations. I am inspired by Steve’s ability to communicate his vast experience. Steve is an open book and every organization would be better off, after having Steve share his experience with them!


Cathy Allen, CPA

Consultant / Expert - CPA Ethics, Independence and Risk Management

November 16, 2018,

Cathy and Steve are colleagues.

Thought-provoking in his words and insights, I truly enjoy following Steven Mintz's writings on ethics in our profession, in business and in the world at large. He has a way of getting to the heart of matters and does not shy away from controversial subjects as he zones in on the important issues of life - integrity, objectivity and just plain old "doing the right thing".  I look forward to his future contributions to ethics.


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