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Beyond Happiness and Meaning

October 5th 2019

Steve Mintz makes wonderful connections between acting ethically, exemplifying moral values and being a genuinely happier person. The book is full of timely examples which are easy to relate with and appreciate. I particularly enjoyed the chapters on applied and everyday ethics. The book includes a combination of typical ethical dilemmas that people encounter in both their professional and personal lives to demonstrate how we are better off resolving them through ethical action. While reading the book, I found myself thinking about and questioning some of the decisions I have made in the past and how I would approach them now after reading the book. Overall, great read, I highly recommend it. 


I really enjoyed the book and hope others do as well.  It is all too easy in today’s world for ethical problems to sneak up on us. In a very practical way and through relevant examples of the ethical choices we might face on a daily basis, the book highlights how our actions affect others while demystifying many of the normal ethical blind spots. All too often people see the cost in acting ethically.  What really resonated with me was the book's core message on how acting ethically can lead to a more meaningful life.

-Anthony Menendez, George A. Dasaro Distinguished Clinicial Assistant Professor of Accounting at Loyola Marymount University

 A thoughtful and Intelligent book.

August 15, 2019

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In a time in which the simple value of doing good seems to be lost, this book is a fresh look at a life of meaning.

-James Pilant

A great read on ethical behavior

August 11, 2019

Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase

This book guides the reader through steps to becoming a better person through the use of ethical behavior. Given the climate of our country today, everyone could use some or all of the advice this book gives. As a society, we seem to have lost the art of civility. This book shows how small changes can bring back civility to our country, and much, much more.

Meaningful book with broad appeal

July 4, 2019

Format: Kindle Edition

I found this book to be a very concise, pleasant, and meaningful read. During the course of reading this book, I learned that there are in fact more things I can do in life to become an ethical person. I think especially in today's modern age, it's important to check our roll in society occasionally, to be reminded of the Golden Rule, and other tools that will ultimately lead to our happiness. This book reminded me and taught me about a broadened view on ethics and ethical decision making through an easy to follow seven-step process. No matter what phase you're in in life, this book can be applied. I sincerely recommend it for all.


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