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Accounting Ethics Textbook Teaches Ethical Decision Making and Values-based Action

Ethics Sage Publishes 4th Edition of Accounting Ethics Textbook

Ethical Obligations and Decision Making in Accounting: Text and Cases was written to guide students through the minefields of ethical conflict in meeting their responsibilities under the accounting professions' codes of conduct. The book is devoted to helping students cultivate the ethical commitment needed to ensure that their work meets the highest standards of integrity, independence, and objectivity. An expanded discussion of professional judgment highlights the challenges to ethical decision-making for internal accountants and auditors, and external auditors.

The fourth edition incorporates a behavioral perspective into ethical decision-making that encourages students to get in touch with their values and learn how to voice them in the workplace when conflicts arise and ethical dilemmas exist. We build on traditional philosophical reasoning methods by taking the process one step further, that is, to convert ethical intent into ethical action. The "Giving Voice to Values" approach provides the link. If accounting professionals are successful in voicing values in a way that encourages doubters and detractors to join the effort, then there may be no need for whistle-blowing.

The following website provides detailed information about the scope and objectives of the text.

Posted by Steven M. Mintz, aka Ethics Sage, on April 1, 2016

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