If you’re like me, you shake your head almost daily at the increasing number of instances of a lack of civil discourse on college campuses. Whether it’s preventing speakers from sharing their views, shouting them down to prevent others from hearing those views, or escaping to a...

August 26, 2014

“No Means No’ an Example of Trying to Legislate Behavior

As colleges and universities prepare for the new academic year, this is a good time to discuss a growing problem on campuses throughout the U.S. – sexual assault on women. I have previously blogged about the problem. Now,...

January 21, 2014

The Brave New World of College Textbook Distribution

There is no doubt that the cost of traditional-form college textbooks has gotten out of hand. That is why secondary markets are flourishing. College textbook prices are 812 percent higher than they were a little more than thre...

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