October 11, 2016

Message From John Stumpf, CEO of Wells: Do What I Say, Not What I Do

Wells Fargo is the poster child of an unethical company. We now know its employees opened more than two million unauthorized bank and credit card accounts to meet sales projections. It cost customers almost $2....

March 22, 2016

Is Tax Avoidance an Ethical Issue?

Last week Donald Trump used his primary night victory speech to name just a few companies that he has big plans for once he’s in the Oval Office. A few of them were familiar targets for the Republican front runner — Apple, Carrier Air Condition...

December 8, 2015

Laws set Minimal Standards of Behavior while Ethics set Higher Norms of Behavior

Many people make the mistake of thinking following the law equates with being an ethical person. This what is known as ethical legalism. This is not so. The laws set minimum standards of ethical beh...

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